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Internet Directory Celebrates Its 15th Year Helping Hundreds of Waiting Adoptive Families Find a Child


October, 2010
Contact: Bob Chidekel
(301) 854-1501
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Clarksville, Maryland

Since R&C Communications launched their groundbreaking service, in November 1995, hundreds of hopeful adoptive families have successfully adopted a child. This first-of-it’s-kind Internet service has helped hundreds of families and birthmothers.

"While sites like seem common place today, in 1995 it was revolutionary." said Bob Chidekel, president of R&C Communications. "We single-handedly changed the way prospective adoptive families and potential birthparents meet." In fact, can be credited with the worlds FIRST Internet assisted adoption in early 1996.

For the thousands of families waiting to adopt a child, the most difficult and anxiety filled task is locating a birthmother who is willing to place her child with them. Before existed, families were limited to traditional means of networking such as classified ads and agency waiting lists. empowers families by enabling them to harness the technology of the Internet to aid in their quest.

" allows birthmothers to 'meet' waiting families in a stress-free environment such as their home or school” said Chidekel. "For adoptive families, provides nationwide publicity that is impossible to achieve any other way."

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy can find the prospect of adoption confusing and filled with uncertainty. What kind of life will my child have? Will I ever get to see her again? How will I know I made the right choice? makes her task easier with a wide variety of features and tools.

“Our Find A Family™ custom designed search engine helps a birthmother zero in on a family that meets her expectations" says Chidekel. When a birthmother finds a family of interest to her, she can contact them either directly, or through their adoption professional.

Additional features include consistently designed pages for easy, confusion free navigation and other technical enhancements.

The results have been dramatic. Some families, after waiting years on an agency’s list, have found a birthmother less than a week after joining

"While it’s true that anyone can easily put their own home page on the Internet, listing on, gives families the advantage of our experience, advertising both in conventional media and other internet addresses that we own (like and name brand recognition” Chidekel said.

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